Our History

Our History has Led Us to Occupy
a Unique Place in Our Community…


Our building is a one-of-a-kind place with a lot of potential. And our congregation is equally unique, and appreciative of the potential we hold, as a community, as well. So we tend to be a forward-looking group.

Still, though, it is also good to appreciate the people and effort that brought us to where we are today, so that we know we have been entrusted to build on what came before.

The first pastor (Pastor Elliot D. Hull) was called in the fall of 1985. He knocked on doors inviting people to worship. On February 2, 1986, the first service was held. The church, then called “Four Corners Church,” rented a room of approximately 900 square feet upstairs in the Colony Barn Plaza. The rent was $900.00 a month.


On November 8, 1987, the church was officially formed and the name Trinity Lutheran was chosen for it. Then, due to the economic recession of the 1990’s, Trinity was offered the Colony Barn Plaza in exchange for the payment of the building’s back taxes. Trinity accepted the building in 1991 and also purchased adjacent lands. In 1994, the building was renamed Trinity Barn Plaza and began providing space to minister to the needs of the disabled, sick, and youth of our community.

In 1994, Trinity started a child development center (a preschool). Today, along with that preschool, we have both nonprofit and for-profit businesses in the building.

Charter Members

Bernie  Baragar, Jayde Barton, Keith & Judi Barton, Keith Jr. & Amanda, Nancy Bertels (still a member), Nathaniel & Joseph, Charlie & Lynnette Bolle, Tiffany Lynn, Justin & Lacey Kay, Leonard & Sigi Bryant, Erik, Anna & Molly, Diane Burns & Stefan, Anne Campbell, David & Jason Fuller, Clint & Janet Converse, Paul & Grant, Kris Converse-Wolf, Terry & Debbie Dallas, Adam, Loree Deede, Trisha, Zebediah & Sarah, Ken & Linnet Dillard, Ken & Dixie Foley, Shannon, Kathy Frost, Jason & Kevin, Mykel & Melanie George, Maree & Jonathon, Ray & Phyllis Gielarowski (Phyllis is still a member), Elliott & Linda Hull, Peter, Matthew & Nathan, Patti Hurt (still a member), Steve & Debbie Komp, Jay & Jennifer, Nancy MacDonald, Liza & Travis, Sandy & Lynn Simpson, Dale, Mary, Ben, Kathy & Bonnie, and Janet Stotts.