Love is Learned Early at the Entrance
Trinity Lutheran Church
Child Development Center

Children learn many things from watching the adults around them. When they begin their learning years at the Trinity Lutheran Church Child Development Center, they learn to care.

Here, each day, your children will see eager examples of open hearts and helping hands as our staff members live out their Christian commitment to serve.

Our whole staff is always happy to get to know the children as individuals and to encourage them to share their thoughts and interests. We know and show that every little learner is a valued part of our schoolroom community.

Firehouse-AxesWe also show the children how very much they matter to the larger community. They visit the fire station and see people and equipment standing ready to keep them safe. They visit the church’s community garden and see that they can help provide food for all. Inside the school and all around town, the children see caring examples, and learn the value of generous hearts and of service.

Ready to learn more about the Trinity Lutheran Church Child Development Center or to arrange a visit? Please call 907-745-LOVE (5683). We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Growing in love
with God, self, and others.

Serving the community since 1994.
907-745-LOVE (5683)
Trinity Barn Plaza
10355 E. Palmer-Wasilla Hwy.
Suite 118
Palmer, AK 99645
The Child Development Center entrance is on the west, back side of the church building.

Eager to proceed? You can look in on our facilities and observe some of the fun on our Pictures page. Our Cost, Terms, & Ages section will fill you in on the formalities. And Registration could not be easier.

Should you have any questions, you can start a Conversation with the CDC community or Get in Touch directly with the staff through the Trinity messaging system. (Please include “Attn: Preschool” in your opening. A staffer will respond to you directly via email.)